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Our process


Choosing the right solution and technology for a specific business need is key to project success. Analyzing client requirements and consulting serves to understand expectations and opportunities, and even reduce costs and development time.


The specification can be in the form of a concept, sketch or in a written document. Compiling technical documentation for the software we develop serves as a detailed explanation of the functions and phases. The design phase is the visual architecture of the project. At the end of the design phase, you will have a defined logical and visual solution.


All individual elements from the previous phases are used to create a functional solution. The development phase is complete when the solution is ready to launch and use.


We use different ways of monitoring software development in all its phases, in order to ensure quality and pay special attention to the final details.


Most maintenance actions are extending the systems to meet new requirements, in many ways can be considered new work. Being available support for our clients plays an important role for a successful long-term cooperation.

A comprehensive approach to the project

A complete approach to projects allows us to work with clients throughout the project life cycle, from the planning phase to the delivery of the finished solution. For our clients, we cover all consulting services, architecture and design, integration into the necessary systems, quality assurance and final technical support and post-launch maintenance.

This way of working gives customers a competitive advantage and raises the IT infrastructure to a higher level.

Lead Developer

Technical project manager in charge of taking care of the structure within the team, processes and tasks that team members work on, to achieve goals and meet deadlines. Monitors the work of all members on the project, evaluates and implements activities that will help maximize the engagement of project team members, their satisfaction with the project process, development and contribution of each member.


Create clean, efficient code based on specifications, work procedures, and good practices of the profession. Testing and implementation of software programs and systems to ensure the delivery of agreed functionalities.

QA Tester

Planning and creating plans, scenarios, scripts, procedures, and testing procedures, recording the shortcomings of IT solutions, and reporting to project persons on the observed problems with the aim of quality implementation and implementation of the entire project.


Planning design solutions, creating visual concepts that inspire, inform or enchant consumers. Developing an overall visual identity by supporting developers in understanding and using design solutions.

Business Consultant

Focus on the growth and development of existing clients to generate new business. Continuously researches customer needs, maintains a high level of their satisfaction following business standards. He is in charge of writing bids, preparing sales materials, user manuals and other necessary documentation that accompanies the development of the entire project.

Project Manager

Supervision, management and coordination of assigned business projects on behalf of clients and according to their requirements, taking into account the quality and timeliness of the final product and cooperation with other departments to meet customer requirements. Monitoring team activities, establishing work priorities, planning and monitoring work tasks, providing guidance and ensuring the availability of resources.

Areas of work

Business digitalization

Whether it is a service or manufacturing company, the digitalization of all business processes has become inevitable. Using the strength and potential of our products, combined with many years of experience in the design and implementation of digital business solutions, Gauss becomes a strong partner in improving business processes through digitalization. Our experience in business digitalization is reflected not only in working with entrepreneurs, but also in working with public administration, local and regional self-government units in order to promote the efficiency and digitalization of public affairs.

Some examples of good cooperation are numerous projects in the field of smart city, cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, long-term cooperation with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, FINA - Financial Agency, etc.


We are also orientated on connecting hardware and software, creating network infrastructure in which devices are integrated, and achieving communication between physical and virtual devices of all sorts. Interaction is between devices and human users to facilitate the systems' functioning, controlling, efficiency, and time-saving.


Years of experience in developing e-commerce solutions for domestic and international partners decided to create our e-commerce platform.  Robust, scalable, and orientated on web sales, the Gauss Box platform provides everything needed to develop, manage, and grow web commerce.


We have experience with educational and academic institutions in the education area as we have developed e-learning solutions. Additionally, we also have worked on this topic with the project idea of e-centers of competence. The platform can solve some of the more critical problems within the said sector: lack of workforce, adaption to changes and needs of the market, new tools (remote learning) as well as new kinds of learning (augmented and virtual reality), compliance to disabled persons as well as their involvement into the educational system and afterward, into employment system. It will also help solve the problem of creating higher quality open positions, a more effective and stronger synergy of public, civil, and private sector, collaboration, and multidirectional communication - to summarize - learning without borders.

Health care

We can describe our activities' direction in this segment on time-saving and more effective support to the patients and doctors' focusing on the diagnosis instead of administrative actions. The goal is to make caring for patients more accessible by supplementing routine examinations and consulting appointments that do not demand physical contact and utilizing online consultations that save time and money. It is necessary to increase patient's trust in these platforms so that the health care system can be more efficient in that segment and patients more satisfied.


Digitalization and automatization strengthen their hold in the tourism sector because the clients want fast, safe and professional service, and service providers the most effective business activities and revenue increase. Customer satisfaction can be achieved e.g., through fast online check-in, easy entrance into the room, ordering of food and other available services, and easy and fast communication with tourist personnel at a touch of their cell phone. Additionally, cancellation and presales of hotel reservations, quick and easy billing process, fast check-in, and check-out all speed up the revenue increase and trust level between service providers and the clients. Aside from creating multiple web pages for numerous hotels, these are some of the mobile apps that we have developed for the tourism sector:

  • NIKKY - This project enables the development of the integrated software solution and application made for hotels. The use of this solution is a predictive analysis of hotel guest behavior powered by integrated technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT. The platform functions as a SaaS model and provides the possibility for interaction between guests and the hotel through a mobile app that behaves as the digital communication key in creating a unique experience within the hotel ecosystem.

Agriculture, food production, and ecology

The digitalization of continuous planning, cultivation, yield tracking, and traceability tracking from the farm to the table. Ensuring the authenticity of data through blockchain technologies.  Data comparison by different criteria ranging from quality of the soil, crop treatment methods, locational and other parameters in the form of big data inputs for academic and government institutions as a basis for applying artificial intelligence and machine learning. The goal is increasing the quality of planning, easier and more transparent cultivation, better use of resources,   increased yield, and optimal market placement. Some of the examples of our projects in this field are:

  • Wineyard (already described)

  • HACCP - informed consumers and government regulations create legitimate urgency to maximize safety and quality. A fully integrated HACCP tool acts as a fundamental part of addressing food safety through consistent high product quality and productivity increase. The HACCP Temperature Manager solution's primary focus is directed towards the parameter regulation management to provide needed safety levels in everyday activities. After the devices are set and activated, collected temperature data is wirelessly sent to and stored into the centralized management system, and then the end-user sends them into the application. The solution provides benefits to food delivery and transport companies, food holding facilities, hotels, restaurants, and other companies involved in cooling and preparing the food.

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