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How to start an online retail business?

Have you ever envisioned running your own retail business, yet felt overwhelmed by the financial demands, such as the cost of a physical storefront, employee salaries, and other related expenses? These days you do not have to be held back by those concerns. For entrepreneurs eager to market their products, venturing into online retail presents a practical and accessible solution. In this text we will discuss how to set up an online retail business and how to make it thrive in the long run.
Tihana Rajnović / 20 Feb 2024
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EU funds 2024. – Tenders for entrepreneurs

EU funds offer entrepreneurs financial support, encourage innovation and research, facilitate access to new markets, and promote education and professional training. They also provide expert advice, mentorship, encourage environmentally and socially responsible business practices, and foster the establishment of business partnerships.
Tihana Rajnović / 09 Feb 2024
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EU funds 2024. – Tenders for the public sector

EU funds provide significant benefits to the public sector. This includes financial support for infrastructure projects, education and healthcare programs. They also encourage innovation in public services, support sustainable development, and offer resources to combat social inequality and promote employment.
Tihana Rajnović / 09 Feb 2024
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Guide on how to develop an E-commerce website

You might be an owner of a brick-and-mortar store or an entrepreneur looking to start an E-commerce business, or just want to know more about e-commerce website development – in any case, you are in the right place.
Tihana Rajnović / 07 Feb 2024
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What is the difference between QA and software testing?

In the dynamic field of software development, the terms Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing are often used interchangeably, leading to a certain level of confusion. It's essential to recognize that while they share a common goal - ensuring the delivery of high-quality software - they play distinctive roles in the development life cycle.
Tihana Rajnović / 05 Feb 2024
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Custom mobile app development

Welcome to the world of custom mobile app development! In an age where our smartphones feel like an extension of ourselves, having the right app can make all the difference. Whether you're a business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or simply curious about what goes into creating those apps we can't live without, you're in the right place.
Ira Mataić / 22 Jan 2024
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What is custom web development and how it can benefit your business?

Welcome to the fast-paced digital age, where a standout online presence can really make or break a business. But how do you get there?
Tihana Rajnović / 15 Jan 2024
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Empowering digitalization with DMS

In the era of digitization, managing vast amounts of documents efficiently and securely is crucial for organizations. Document Management System (DMS) has emerged as a vital tool for businesses seeking to enhance productivity, optim..
Ira Mataić / 10 Jan 2024
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We participated in the final FERIT conference for the ESIA project

We participated in the final conference of the project "Development of an Expert System for the Management of Food Production and Processing Management (ESIA – Expert System for Intelligent Agriculture)" held at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek (FERIT).
Ira Mataić / 20 Dec 2023
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Participation in the final conference of the RCK VirtuOS project

Sudjelovali smo u sklopu završne konferencije ESF projekta „RCK VirtuOS – uspostava regionalnog centra kompetentnosti u sektoru turizma i ugostiteljstva“, čiji nositelj je Ugostiteljsko-turistička škola Osijek (UTŠO).
Tihana Rajnović / 19 Dec 2023
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Participation at the OTO 2023 Conference as part of the “Quality Maintenance in Food Production and Processing Industry” workshop

We participated in the 32nd International Scientific Conference Organization and Maintenance Technology Osijek held at Faculty of Electrical engineering Computer science and Information Technology Osijek – FERIT.
Ira Mataić / 12 Dec 2023