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Digitalization is key to business modernization as it enables organizations to transform their traditional processes and models into digital forms using information technology (IT) to increase flexibility, reduce costs and improve efficiency. The digitalization of companies has become increasingly important in recent years, as technology continues to influence the way we do business.

Nikolina Hodak February 15, 2023

CMS, also known as Content Management System, is software that helps users to create, edit and publish content on a website without advanced developer knowledge. You can build your website without having to know how to write code.

Nikolina Hodak January 31, 2023

Early Learning's Fun Preschool Pte Ltd is a company based in Singapore and this software is intended for the Asian market. Its brand WeNotes is a startup in developing CRM solutions for educators and therapists.

Nikolina Hodak October 20, 2022

Participation in the scientific and professional meeting "Application of new technologies in wine production"

Biljana Gaća September 7, 2022

The company Recupero d.o.o. is a long-term partner of Gauss, that brings together a team of professional and creative individuals who provide reliable, business-oriented, and highly efficient services and solutions in the field of financial operations.

Nikolina Hodak August 29, 2022

We all know how popular remote working became during the pandemic, especially in the project management world. Many companies found a way to keep every process in order while their project managers work from the comfort of their homes. But the question is, are employees really that productive working remotely, or are they lacking specific tools to help them keep in touch with their office? Whether you are working remotely for a while already or you are thinking of starting soon, you should pay attention to the following chapters.

Nikolina Hodak July 17, 2022

You probably already heard someone use in the conversation the abbreviation CRM. If you're not sure what it stands for or what is the exact meaning or purpose behind it, we'll try to make it clear for you.

Nikolina Hodak July 14, 2022

When you’re dealing with clients, there are various processes you need to go through to close the deal. As part of CRM software, lead management will help you acquire and manage leads until they become sales-ready. As we spoke about in our earlier blogs, we can’t stress enough how important software tools are and how can they change your work life.

Nikolina Hodak July 6, 2022
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