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Lead management has always been an obstacle some companies just couldn’t get passed at. Luckily, today there is various software designed only for managing your leads. And our task is to bring them closer to you to understand them and maybe implement them into your business. 

Nikolina Hodak June 23, 2022

You surely already heard of the Kanban boards and Gantt charts. But have you ever wondered what are their main purpose and how can you get the most out of both of them?

Nikolina Hodak June 23, 2022

Despite statistical proof that a mature project management process makes an organization far more likely to deliver on time and under budget, there are still many unanswered questions wondered by project-oriented companies.

Nikolina Hodak June 20, 2022

It can’t be stressed enough how crucial communication is in project planning. Given it is a complex process, project managers spend much of their time communicating with their teams to ensure proper project flow.

Nikolina Hodak June 15, 2022

You may not know this, but many companies still have resistance to implementing Project management tools in their business.

Nikolina Hodak June 14, 2022

One of the departments we could not imagine Gauss without is surely the design department. Our company’s creatives, as they are often called, participate in almost all project phases. From the very beginnings, through outlining concepts (be it web pages, webshops, web or mobile apps) to shaping user experience and visual design. Their value in creating the entire employer branding, both internal and external, is unquestionable.

Nataša Šalamun April 26, 2022

The new online store was launched in November 2021, placed on our bespoke Gauss Box platform which, apart from numerous other options, offers our client a detailed overview of orders within its E-commerce module. This feature was immensely important to our client to make organizing internal warehouse and shipping ordered items fast, simple and as easy to track as possible.

Kristina Orešković March 24, 2022

Google is a powerful platform but if not used properly, you could end up burning your money. The best way is to set them up around your sales funnel.

Jozipović Stjepan March 18, 2022
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