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We developed a property platform for luxury homeowners and estate agents.

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Dream home come true

Vyomm was born from the idea that a home is not just a physical space, but a symbol of an authentic sense of belonging and a deep connection with the living environment.

The founders of Vyomm believed that everyone should have the opportunity to find their perfect home, one that not only meets their practical needs but also resonates with their personal values and sense of identity.

Together, we created more than just a platform, Vyomm provides several innovative next generation tools and features to sellers, agents and buyers to facilitate their goals and activities, leading to better and faster result achievement.

Whole new level of property presentation and marketing

Vyomm is a one-of-a-kind platform that combines real estate rental and sales with a social network for its clients.

This allows interested parties to easily communicate and access information not just about the property, but also about the surrounding environment, nature and neighborhood.


Building a social environment

Vyomm is a unique combination of luxury real estate and sales platforms specialising in the high-end properties in the UK, Europe, and US.

The platform caters to high-net worth individuals with personalised and exclusive real estate experiences, featuring unique properties with features and amenities.

Vyomm’s exclusive ‘’off-market’’ property listings are a standout feature, only accessible to registered users and highly coveted by affluent buyers.

In addition to property listings, Vyomm also provides a range of services such as property management, content creation (photo, video, 360 walkthrough), multilisting and other to assist clients in their estate journey.

Discover your dream property and connect with your community

Guiding principles

High content quality, high performance

This platform allows you to smoothly view crystal clear videos and images with high-performance web page and mobile app.

A story, not just an estate

Every estate has a unique and compelling story to tell, and the platform is designed to showcase these stories to potential buyers in an engaging and immersive way.

Role based features

Platform provides different levels of access and privileges to users based on their specific roles or responsibilities.

Multinational system adaptability

The system has been designed and developed to be adaptable and customizable to meet the specific needs and requirements of different markets.

Integrated search elasticity

It allows for flexible and adaptive search results based on the user’s input and search criteria.

Role based user activity overview

The platform utilises advanced tracking capabilities that allow agents to monitor browsing activity of users.

More than listing site

The idea evolved with time to not only list but to serve as all in one platform for property selling where the whole process of selling is integrated; generate, sign and send documents.


The founders of Vyomm believed that everyone should have the opportunity to find their perfect home, one that not only meets their practical needs but also resonates with their personal values and sense of identity.


Safety and assurance

The goal is to efficiently and securely reach desired real estate. All stakeholders, including sellers, buyers and agents can contribute valuable information and unique stories about the home.

Establishing a social environment

The social network segment allows users to rate real estate, share stories, inspirations, and impressions about specific areas, publish photos, videos, chat and more.

Away from public eye

Properties can be kept private and only accessed through special links sent by agents, providing security for discrete customers.

Appeal & Perception of ease

We focused on simplicity and symbolism, eliminating hard elements and interruptions. Whilst integrating interactive real estate stories that drive user engagement.

Autogeneration video - Video auto-generation

With this powerful tool you can create in a few clicks unique narrative video that tells you a story of property based on text that you input. With just a few clicks, this tool automatically generates a customised video that tells a compelling story of the listed property through imagery and narration.


Vyomm’s automated multilisted portal for agents, owners and developers reaches out, engages and creates your global selling network. Its powerful technology is paired with channels to market. With VMLS, property sellers can appoint multiple qualifying agents through the platform, which eliminates the need for frustrating waits and disappointing outcomes from a single agent. All agents can access the property listing information and showcases under their own brand, and their activity and engagement can be tracked. This widens market access and gives the consumer more control over outcomes and timelines.

Vyomm as a platform allows us to share premium content with outstanding user experience in real time, across the global marketplace 24/7, which has never really been achieved before.

Fred Scarlett


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