We created a digital platform that allows the average user to understand and finally complete the process of creating an investment study.


What is Investicijska.hr?

Investicijska.hr is a cloud-based platform designed for effortless creation of investment studies. Tailored for both individual users and consultancy firms, it demystifies the intricate process, guiding the user with explanations and examples in order to craft structured financial studies in just a few clicks.


What is included in Investicijska.hr?

The platform streamlines the creation of investment studies, aiding small business owners in loan applications, tender participation, and project planning. Additionally, consultation firms benefit from enhanced management and efficient structuring of multiple studies.

Standardizing input information

Investment studies demand a plethora a different documents and data from various institutions and government bodies. Enabling users to upload all the gathered data allows the platform to do the necessary calculations and create a comprehensive report.

Step-by-step guide

Creating an investment study involves numerous intricate steps. A detailed guide allows users to confidently navigate and complete necessary stages. Including illustrative examples at each stage ensures the study's accuracy and completeness.

Study generation

Financial studies must be generated with a proper structure in order to be submitted to the proper channels. Investicijska.hr enables the generation of the whole study or just the particular segments in both Croatian and English.

Projection calculation

The platform is designed to utilize the data entered by the user. Using this information, it can then calculate accurate financial projections.

Additional tools

Different calculators and assistive tools help users to make credit calculations, view balance sheets, and invoices.

Safe and easy

There is no need for downloads and installs, accessing Investicijska.hr is done via a browser. This makes the platform accessible and easy to use, while keeping data stored and protected.