Smarter agriculture with ESIA solutions

In a joint effort with our partners, we have created an adaptable digital platform for smarter food production.

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An expert team for the creation of an expert system

Osijek is home to the regional faculty leader in fields of electrical engineering, computer science and information technology - FERIT.


Always on the cutting edge of advancement, FERIT embarked on a path of integration of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence into less technologically developed sectors. In their choice of Gauss they found a partner that will help them along the way.


Together, with the support of local wineries and EU fund for regional development, we took on a multidisciplinary approach necessary to develop a system for food production and processing management.


Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Operational Program: Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 - 2020

Call: Strengthening capacities for research, development, and innovation

Call code: KK.

Total value: 8,767,001.53 HRK

EU co-financing of the project: 6,099,667.51 HRK


Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek


Gauss Ltd. for IT and marketing services, Osijek

Wine making with smart standards

Wineries across Croatia lacked a reliable data tracking system that will organise and analyse their production data.


Often an analogue and individualistic approach to wine production, posed a challenge in creation of a universal digital platform. The resulting solution was a platform tailored to real-life needs that tracks each bottle of wine from grape to market.


Creation of superior products starts with an easier production

The unique approach to winemaking creates a wide range of distinctive wines, but also makes standardization and tracking of production an issue. Frequent changes to production and legislation require accurate and agile data tracking, which analog systems simply cannot provide.

We translated abstract production steps into universally named modular stages that tell the story of each wine bottle. ESIA platform reliably tracks all device and user generated data created in production and business operations.

ESIA platform is a modern digital data solution that empowers agricultural businesses to grow and improve. It analyses and stores their data in one place, while providing tools to better day-to-day operations.

Guiding principles

User focused features

Our partnered wineries were key in creation of the ESIA platform. Their continued input, testing and feedback helped us develop a consistent naming system, create and refine features, and ensure that our product is a technically sound, reliable and effective tool.

Adaptable system architecture

Our platform supports changes without disrupting the entire system, so businesses can adapt to changes in legislation or production. It remains stable with new features and updates, ensuring a reliable user experience.

IoT data processing

Our platform collects IoT data from sensors installed on-site, which automatically capture and monitor important metrics in real-time. This makes it easy to analyse all captured data through our platform's overview.

A tailored solution for all businesses

Our platform caters to businesses of all sizes, providing both automated sensor input for larger companies and manual data entry for smaller ones. With our comprehensive solution, businesses can easily store, organise, and analyse their data regardless of their size.


The ESIA platform reliably tracks all data created in production and business operations generated by devices and their users.


From grape to bottle

Wineries highly appreciate our platform's most popular feature, which provides a comprehensive overview of the wine production cycle, from grape harvest to final wine bottle. This feature is fully modular, allowing businesses to customise the wine-making process according to their unique needs.

Intuitive production control

Simplifying production for workers and providing management with a full overview of cellar, production and office activities streamlines daily operations. Paired with management of wine events, such functions make our platform a complete solution for wine production.

Comprehensive business overview

Our platform enables wineries to input crucial vineyard data for management and wine production, while also keeping track of barrel usage and grape inventory, including whether the grapes were produced in-house or purchased from a cooperant.

3rd party data support

Wineries can use the ESIA platform to store and display data regarding vineyards such as microclimate and grape maturation data. It also supports input of sensory data automatically captured on site from barrel IoT devices. Combining captured and manually entered data with a FERIT developed neural network, wineries will be able to forecast wine quality and quantity.


In order to identify wineries' needs and create features that suit them, we have closely collaborated with several wineries, such as our primary partner - Krauthaker Winery, Jenečić Winery, and Horvat Winery. They have provided invaluable feedback and insights during the development and testing of the platform. Another invaluable partner has been the Faculty of Food Technology Osijek, which has provided us with the necessary expertise in the complex chemistry of wine production and useful parameters.

Wineries highly appreciate our platform's most popular feature, which provides a comprehensive overview of the wine production cycle, from grape harvest to final wine bottle.

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