Revolutionizing hospitality and tourism education through modern platforms and VR technology

Closely working with our client with the support of our partner and EU funding, we have created a three-part solution for education modernization and digitization.

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Project info

Building new solutions on solid foundation

Since the 60s, School of Hospitality and Tourism Split (TUŠS) has provided hospitality education to students across the Splitsko-dalmatinska county.

Continually growing and modernizing through the decades, TUŠS effectively utilized EU funds to digitize their teaching approach. They relied on Školska knjiga to create and curate curriculum-based lessons that were digitized and implemented within an innovative e-learning platform crafted by Gauss.

Merging decades of educational expertise with modern digital solutions, we've played a pivotal role in redefining hospitality education.


A modern approach to hospitality and tourism education

In the hospitality and tourism sector, education has always been deeply rooted in hands-on, practical learning. Successfully modernizing such a physical learning process demanded a multifaceted strategy.

Creating and introducing an e-learning platform revolutionized student engagement, particularly with the addition of virtual reality. This innovative platform reshaped how students discover new opportunities, document their experiences, and collaborate with mentors. Furthermore, the digitization of hotel management, complemented by a sleek booking website, ensures the school and its students can optimally benefit from and manage the new hotel, maximizing real-world learning experiences.

Pioneering a transformation in hospitality education, blending traditional teaching with modern digital platforms and immersive VR experiences.

Guiding principles

Learning through engagement

Interactive digital lessons, bolstered by VR-simulated hospitality tasks, benefit both teachers and students. These dynamic and immersive teaching methods enhance student engagement, ensuring a deeper understanding and better retention of lessons.

ERP management

Providing TUŠS with a singular platform for hotel management including tools for website management optimizes all business operations and provides students with a modern working environment.

User focused features

Drawing from TUŠS's decades of teaching expertise, we developed features that cater not just to students and teachers, but also to business owners. Recognizing the pivotal role businesses play in practical learning, enhancing their access to these features is crucial.

Always accessible education

Online learning platforms ensure that student education remains uninterrupted even when attending school in-person isn't feasible.


From the creation of a dynamic e-learning platform to the implementation of an all-encompassing hotel management system, our solutions equip students with real-world skills, ensuring they're poised for success in the evolving hospitality landscape.

Project segments

E-learning platform

The platform offers students an immersive learning experience for all curriculum subjects, enriched with interactive elements like images, videos, slides, exams, and quizzes. Teachers have the flexibility to curate and modify content, ensuring it aligns perfectly with their teaching plans.

Beyond traditional learning, the platform introduces complementary VR-enhanced lessons. These immersive experiences equip students with practical skills, from proper food preparation methods to beverage service and table arrangement, further enhancing their grasp on core hospitality practices.

Practical learning mobile app

In hospitality studies, hands-on experience is pivotal. Our mobile application streamlines and elevates this practical learning experience for mentors, students, and businesses alike.

Students are provided with comprehensive insights into training and hiring opportunities, ensuring they make informed decisions when applying. The app enables students to rate their experiences, thus creating an environment where businesses are incentivized to offer top-tier traineeship programs and attract the best students.

The app also provides students a convenient way to store all crucial data such as attendance, task fulfillment, learning outcomes, and user-generated data. This not only empowers students with a real-time overview of their progress but also offers mentors a complete view of a student's progression and the business-defined objectives. This transparency ensures a high-quality traineeship for all participants.

Hotel management and website

Launching and overseeing a teaching hotel is a significant commitment, especially for a bustling educational institution like TUŠS. Implementation of a digital ERP system streamlines operational tasks but also leads to significant savings in time and costs, aiding the creation of the best possible education environment. In tandem, a comprehensive, user-friendly booking website acts as a magnet for potential guests, ensuring a steady influx of visitors. This real-world, dynamic environment offers students a first-hand experience of contemporary hotel management systems, equipping them with practical skills they can utilize in their future careers.

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