Participation at the OTO 2023 Conference as part of the “Quality Maintenance in Food Production and Processing Industry” workshop

Tihana Rajnović
/ 12 Dec 2023
  • Novosti

We participated in the 32nd International Scientific Conference Organization and Maintenance Technology Osijek held at Faculty of Electrical engineering Computer science and Information Technology Osijek – FERIT.

At the “Quality Maintenance in Food Production and Processing Industry” workshop, the groundbreaking Expert System for Intelligent Agriculture – ESIA was showcased. This innovative project was a collaborative effort between professors and scientists from FERIT, the Faculty of Food Technology Osijek, and the Faculty of Agrobiotechnical Sciences Osijek. Working together with Gauss, we have developed a multidisciplinary solution tailored to advance modern agricultural practices.

Dr. Anita Pichler presented research on the Influence of wine storage vessel on aroma profile of merlot red wine, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Ivan Ivić. Participants then listened to a lecture by Dr. Toni Kujundžić, which presented the influence of yield on the quality of must and wine, a study conducted in collaboration with Dr. Vladimir Jukić and Dr. Mate Drenjančević.

Gauss developer Marin Gaće delivered a compelling segment on the integration of diverse technologies into a unified system. The ESIA platform exemplifies this integration, seamlessly combining a database, neural network, various measuring devices, and mobile technologies into a comprehensive web service. For more information about the platform we have created as part of this project, we invite you to explore our ESIA showcase. Additionally, for further insights into the OTO 2023 conference, visit their official website.

The workshop culminated with an insightful lecture by Dr. Emmanuel Karlo Nyarko, focusing on the application of machine learning in modeling the fermentation process in winemaking. This presentation marked the conclusion of the special segment exploring advancements in quality within the food production and processing sector.