A revolution in waste management for a greener city

We have developed a mobile application that will change the way the citizens of the city of Osijek and its municipality manage the services of the local utility company.

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Application for a greener future

Gauss, in cooperation with the waste management company UNIKOM, developed a mobile application that will make it much easier for users to communicate with the said company and their services.

Unikom, whose main role is to take care of the cleanliness, orderliness and beauty of city streets, parks and other public and green areas, provides quality services to citizens. It provides these services in a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly way.

In addition, it uses modern technologies in waste management and maintenance of green and public areas and continuously improves its work with technological innovation

Small steps today = better reality for future generations

This application will greatly change the way citizens interact with the utility company and its services.

The word "Moj (Unikom)", which translates to My Unikom, was added to the name of the application to bring the platform even closer to users and encourage them to use it. In addition to facilitating the daily management of household waste, the application also facilitates the management of utility bills and all Unikom company services.


Moj Unikom is a unique solution for all citizens of the city of Osijek and its municipality.

Guiding principle

User friendly – eco friendly

“Moj Unikom" - the very name of the application was chosen to bring the services closer to the users, but also to facilitate the process of all their services. The user experience is in the first place when talking about the initial idea of developing the application.

Intuitive for everyone

One of the most important features of the platform is simplicity for the end user, as it is intended for all citizens of the city of Osijek and its municipality, regardless of age.

Application for the preservation of Croatian forests

In addition to the fact that the client, through its services and maintenance, nurtures a green policy and takes care of the environment and waste management, it is designed to manifest the same values through the application.

By activating online bill services, it is possible to pay all bills for the specified user ID directly from the application. This deactivates the receipt of invoices in paper form, which means that the user makes a small contribution to the preservation of the environment.

Digital ecological revolution

With Moj Unikom you can track and pay bills, and the advantages of this feature are numerous.

Paying bills through the app allows you to quickly and easily perform this task from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else, saving you a lot of time.

The application also allows you to view all bills that have been paid or those that are yet to be paid, so you can have a clear picture of all your financial obligations. One of the most important features is the security of the application itself - the application is safe and protects personal and financial data.

Waste wizard

Within the application, the collection schedule is visible according to the type of waste. Furthermore, if the user has difficulties in sorting waste, he can use the Waste Wizard for the same. With a simple keyword search, it is possible to determine which type of waste goes into which container. In addition to the above services, it is possible to order a large container or tank washing, depending on the current needs of the user.

What colour, what day?

The application also contains a feature that serves as a reminder for garbage collection, and it works in such a way that the user can determine for himself when and if he wants a notification in the form of a reminder to pop up on his mobile device.

Recycling yard close at hand

Within the application, it is possible to view the available recycling yards and their working hours in the area of the city of Osijek. This feature is important because an overview of what type of waste can be deposited at a particular recycling yard is available. In addition, it is possible to check the nearest recycling yard by location, as well as to view the history of your entries to the recycling yard.


One of the most important features of the platform is simplicity for the end user, as it is intended for all citizens of the city of Osijek and its municipality, regardless of age.

Sustainability starts with us

Moj Unikom application represents a revolution in the management of utilities and all available services within it. Manage your household waste from the comfort of your own home.

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