Marica Topfit: Growth of a Brand through a Modern Website and Online Store

Tihana Rajnović / 06 Jun 2024
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Nutrition and Fitness Through the Lens of Marica Topfit

Marica Ćališ, better known as Marica Topfit, is an influencer, nutritionist, trainer, and mother with over 100,000 followers.

Always striving for a healthier and happier life, Marica created the Marica Topfit brand to make this lifestyle accessible to the average person.

To continue creating recipes and sharing them with her followers, we developed a modern website and online store where she can showcase her original cookbooks and recipes.

Marica Ćališ = Marica Topfit

For the past six years, Marica has been developing the Marica Topfit brand, though her passion for cooking dates back to her childhood.

To further build and strengthen her brand and share tools for a healthier life, she decided to create her own website with an integrated store.

She invested in a modern design that captures the essence of the Marica Topfit brand and ensures a seamless shopping experience for every visitor.


Recipes Within Reach

With so many followers and shared content on social media, how can the well-known Marica Topfit brand be strengthened further while establishing a sales channel for digital products?

There are numerous social media platforms and online sales options available, but they do not provide all functionalities within one system while growing alongside the brend.

In the spirit of balance, the Marica Topfit brand chose a solution that can securely and easily deliver digital products to customers through a modern, branded website.


Brand, Stories, and Products within One System

Together with Marica Topfit, we implemented a digital platform – Gauss Box solution for web and e-commerce – tailored to her needs.

With the help of a simple yet powerful CMS system, Marica can easily manage the website to share her life stories, healthy tips, and the fitness successes of her and her clients. Additionally, with the same system, she can manage all aspects of online sales to ensure secure transactions and access to cookbooks for her customers.

With all technical details handled, Marica Topfit can focus on motivating and inspiring her followers through her fresh approach to fitness and health.

One brand, one space, endless possibilities.


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