Gravia: Transforming Construction Management with Digital Tool Tracking

Ira Mataić / 19 Mar 2024
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Easier Organization and Digital Management of Construction Equipment and Tools

Gravia is a regional leader in road construction and other infrastructure projects, boasting numerous constructed road sections and other types of city infrastructure.

Monitoring inventory and equipment can be challenging for a successful construction company that carries out multiple projects simultaneously.

The creation of software that enables continuous monitoring of assigned equipment and tools and real-time inventory status saves time and money while increasing productivity.

A Company Building the Road Less Travelled

For more than two decades, Gravia has been advancing Croatian infrastructure, connecting travellers and destinations while enhancing urban landscapes.

Their commitment to keep up with the times is evident in their ongoing investment in talent, state-of-the-art equipment, and cutting-edge machinery.

Embracing a smarter and digitized future, Gravia has adopted a modern software solution for tracking and systemic organization of tools and equipment, guaranteeing future delivery of high-quality results within precise timelines.


Lost in Transit: Real-time Tracking of Tools and Equipment

Picture the challenge of overseeing multiple construction sites at once, each bustling with workers using over a hundred tools and machines. Equipment is getting shuttled by trucks from one location to the other, as you try and meet your deadlines.

How do you keep track where everything is at any given moment?

Excel spreadsheets, WhatsApp groups, and calls do not add up to a reliable record-keeping system, plus finding information through various channels wastes time and money.

Gravia recognized this issue and opted for a scalable digital solution to streamline their operations.


Increased Efficiency Through Centralized Inventory Tracking

In response to the challenges they faced, we developed a customized upgrade to our Gauss Box system, specifically designed for their needs.

The introduction of the new Asset and Equipment module enables workers to easily scan equipment QR codes using the Gauss Box app. This approach ensures that all assigned equipment is automatically registered, capturing important equipment details such as name, type, and location.

Organization and equipment tracking become routine tasks that can be easily managed in the office and in the field with a mobile app.

Every tool has its place, in storage, in transit, or in the field, but always in the system.

Everything in Its Place


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