Know your water quality and protect your health with the WaterQ system that fits in your palm

Together with our partners, we have developed a platform that provides real-time information to both you and industry experts regarding the daily quality of our drinking water.

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Project info

Our product for your water safety

Technological expertise of Ericsson Nikola Tesla, guided by the vision of the leading regional institute of public health has created a unique project of immense value to the public.

Croatian citizens rely on HZJZ to test and monitor the quality of drinking water across the country. So has Ericsson Nikola Tesla group relied on Telemetris to deliver a hardware solution that will collect their data, and on Gauss to translate the collected information to user friendly content.

Using the support of the EU fund for regional development, with joint forces we have aspired to create the first digital platform for water quality monitoring in Croatia.


Fund: European Regional Development Fund Operational Program: Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014 - 2020

Call: Increasing the development of new products and services arising from research and development activities (R&D) - phase II

Call Code: KK.

Total Value: 16,395,227.20 HRK

EU Co-financing of the Project: 8,855,376.41 HRK


Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d


Croatian Institute of Public Health Gauss d.o.o. for IT and marketing services, Osijek

Real time water quality monitoring through your smart device

Small water systems of Croatia lacked sophisticated monitoring systems that would measure and report water quality data that could be available to experts and citizens alike.

The individualistic nature of small underfunded water systems posed quite an obstacle to modernization and digitalization. In a cooperative effort with the public health department and industry experts, we have created a simple, but powerful IoT platform that informs you on the go.


Uplifting smaller communities begins with modernization

Water sources are quickly affected by ecological and meteorological events that could make water unsafe to drink. Traditional methods of sampling and testing the water quality are slow, making informing experts and the public of changes even slower.


Relying on our partner’s knowledge and technological solutions, we crafted a mobile app that translates data into a comprehensive overview of your next glass of water. The WaterQ app keeps you informed no matter the place and time.

WaterQ is an app that serves both the public and water system experts. It reassures us that the water we are drinking is safe, while providing detailed information to specialists that make sure our water remains safe.

Guiding principles

Multiple data sources in one view

WaterQ app allows a simple overview of data that is accrued from multiple sources which includes IoT sensor data and environmental factors.

Real-time monitoring with IoT sensors

Backend of the mobile platform is built to support real time updates with on-site measured water quality parameters, while providing an weekly and monthly overview.

User focused viewability

Depending if the user is a member of the general public or an expert in water quality, the interface adapts to provide the most relevant information based on the user’s needs.

Water quality across Croatia

WaterQ app provides an intuitive interactive map that allows the viewing of real-time data on all equipped water quality measuring sites across Croatia. With a tap of a finger, you can check various measured parameters across all testing sights.


Colleagues from Gauss actively participated in the WaterQ project, contributing their expertise to the quality of research and development of the mobile application component within the WaterQ solution. We could always rely on their professionalism and positive approach in project implementation.

Ivica Projić

Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.

Prepared for the future

Creating a robust backend with scalability in mind, allows the WaterQ app to grow and improve throughout the duration of the EU funded project and beyond. Enabling further inclusion of water quality testing sites will improve the overall management of Croatia’s many water systems.

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