Recovery and better resilience for Croatia through a modern solution

We created a platform for viewing, applying, and implementing projects co-financed by EU funds under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NPOO).


UX design
UI design
Web development
System architecture
Data analysis
Continuous support

Project information

The croatian financial agency

Fina has been serving Croatian citizens and businesses for over 60 years, providing essential financial services.

As technology developed, Fina positioned itself as a driving force in regional digitalization, continuously enhancing and innovating its digital products, services, and solutions.

Through an open tender process, Fina identified Gauss as the best candidate to develop the platform for implementing EU co-financed projects.

With projects towards recovery and a more resilient future with EU co-financing

Faced with the consequences of the pandemic and international conflict, Europe is dealing with numerous economic challenges. Additionally, Croatia has been further impacted by strong earthquakes.

To address these issues, the European Union introduced the NextGenerationEU instrument aimed at the economic recovery of member states.

From this budget, the Croatian government secured €10.5 billion within the NPOO operational program.

In collaboration with Fina, ministries, and implementing bodies, we developed a platform that helps efficiently and transparently utilize all secured funds.


The FondoviEU platform enables centralized implementation and monitoring of project calls, projects, and procurement tenders.

Guiding principles

Functionality and accessibility through design

The interface is designed with clarity and logic, making it easy for users to access and utilize the services of the FondoviEU platform.

Agile development

Utilizing the Scrum methodology ensured the fast and efficient development of this essential platform.

Continuous and transparent communication

The organization and clear overview of exchanged messages between participants and supervisory bodies helps communication, crucial for the successful implementation of EU co-financed projects.

Data connectivity

Creating a database and integrating it with registers has improved data connectivity, enabling easier information exchange.

Data analysis

With the help of statistical analysis and generated reports, users can more easily track important information for more effective implementation of tenders and projects.

Up-to-date information

With real-time display of calls and procurement tenders, users always have up-to-date information and can view and review the status of their application at any time.


Seamless data and document exchange and tracking streamline project application, management, and implementation.


Preparation and publication of calls

Institutional users can easily prepare and publish project calls within a single interface and system.

Preparation and submission of projects

Applicants can prepare and submit projects for calls by completing an online form.

Contract signing

Users can conveniently sign contracts online, enabling a faster start to project implementation.

Publication and review of procurements

Users can view and publish procurement tenders effortlessly or subscribe to receive general notifications or information for specific tenders.

Complete project implementation

Users can fully implement projects through activities such as submitting advance payment requests, reimbursement requests, payment requests, contract amendments, project status corrections, and reporting irregularities.

Communication channel

The platform ensures clear communication between the relevant bodies, implementing bodies, and users.

By creating a unique and flexible platform for accessing funds from the NPOO operational program, we have helped the inflow of EU funds, supporting both the immediate recovery and long-term resilience of the Croatian economy.

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