Tera Tehnopolis: Implementation of a better way to manage projects

Ira Mataić / 31 May 2024
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Digital Project Management and Exececution, All in One Place

Tera Tehnopolis supports the development of technology and businesses, and proudly boasts numerous successful EU-funded, research, and incubation projects.

Tracking a large number of active projects is not easy, especially when it involves managing various research and commercial projects simultaneously.

A Reliable Pillar of Support for Everyone

For over 20 years, Tera Tehnopolis has been promoting new technologies, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the city of Osijek and the Osijek-Baranja County.

Through their continuous efforts, they have achieved impressive results in a region of Croatia that faces challenges of depopulation and loss of entrepreneurship.

To better manage projects and continue being a support system for numerous students, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, they have digitized their operations with a modern tool for project organization and execution.


Chaos of Information: Transparent Organization Through Digitalization

Imagine simultaneously managing numerous EU-funded projects, supporting research, incubating entrepreneurs, and providing professional advice to businesses.

With so many important responsibilities, how can you ensure everything is done accurately and on time?

Searching through emails, spreadsheets, and printed documents consumes valuable time, while the lack of easy progress tracking and up-to-date communication slows down information flow and leaves room for errors.

To improve and expedite the project implementation process, Tera Tehnopolis decided to implement a digital project management solution.


A Reliable Platform for Reliable Results

Drawing on our extensive experience, we immediately identified the issue and suggested implementing our Gauss Box business solution Projects additionally tailored to all their processes.

With the help of all the useful functionalities of the Gauss Box platform, employees can more easily create, monitor, manage, and analyze all ongoing projects.

With detailed project tracking through tasks and subtasks, they can be confident that every aspect of the project is completed on time.

Every document, every communication, every detail – everything can be found in one place.


Learn more about the Gauss Box platform, our other projects, or contact us with your ideas.