Gauss Box – A Project Management Software Solution

Tihana Rajnović / 28 May 2024
  • Rješenja


In today's business world, digital collaboration is crucial as it enables real-time monitoring of project progress.

This helps teams stay synchronized and ensures tasks are completed efficiently, on schedule, and within budget.

Using project planning and execution software can significantly enhance project outcomes.

Our Platform for Your Success

Our project management software helps individuals and teams effectively plan, execute, monitor, and analyze projects.

It centralizes all project data to enhance collaboration and communication within and across teams.

Gauss Box business solution Projects provides a comprehensive solution for project management, equipped with additional tools to simplify business operations.

Efficient and Simple Task Management

With the Gauss Box platform, you can create, assign, and monitor tasks easily from one interface.

Teams save time and resources by centralizing project documents and information, recording communications, and using integrated tools.


Cloud Collaboration and Information Sharing

Enhanced online teamwork and efficient task tracking boost productivity and reduce errors and omissions.

Kanban Project Management Method

The Gauss Box provides a Kanban view that allows you to monitor and manage projects using agile Kanban principles.

The Kanban board visually displays tasks, making it easy for team members to move them through stages like "To-Do," "In Progress," and "Done."


Gantt Project Management Method

The Gantt chart, or Gantogram, organizes and displays tasks along a timeline, facilitating deadline tracking.

It enables users to manage schedules for individual projects or track overall progress across the company’s projects.

Key Modules for Successful Project Management

Gauss Box is a flexible business solution composed of interconnected modules that boost each other's functionality.

Using these key modules can lead to improved success and growth.

Project Module

This module simplifies project management by clearly defining tasks and responsibilities, allowing for efficient planning, tracking, and execution.

It supports the exchange and storage of information, helping teams manage projects more successfully.


Company Module

Managing a business is easier with this module, which centralizes the monitoring and organization of company operations and employee data.

It helps efficiently oversee all business and human resources.


Contacts Module

Keep track of partners, suppliers, and clients with a digital contact database that allows quick access and management of essential information.

This module facilitates the detailed recording and sharing of data with stakeholders.

Documents Module

The document module streamlines the creation, editing, and sharing of documents, enhancing the issuance and management of business paperwork.

Speeding up these processes frees up time for more critical tasks and boosts productivity.

Storage Module

Secure cloud storage safeguards business documents and allows for easy retrieval when needed.

This module ensures data security and accessibility, providing peace of mind and continuous access to information.


Calendar Module

Organize and monitor all significant events, tasks, and meetings in one centralized location.

Share schedules easily with your team for improved coordination and transparency, leading to more efficient task completion.

Reports Module

Automated reporting provides deep insights into performance indicators and vital statistics.

This analysis helps you understand project progress, identify challenges, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive data.