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Nikolina Hodak October 20, 2022


Client profile

Early Learning's Fun Preschool Pte Ltd is a company based in Singapore and this software is intended for the Asian market. Its brand WeNotes is a startup in developing CRM solutions for educators and therapists. The main idea of the app is to collect all information, data, test results, projections and reports for every student (case) on one platform – the WeNotes web application. Depending on the severity, some children are suffering from conditions that limit their progression, and require intervention to ameliorate their weakness, double vision, or visual stress. This platform will simplify the everyday job of the therapists and educators who are responsible for monitoring the development of children with learning-related difficulties.


Project challenges and requirements

Given that application is provided for therapists and educators, coaches and persons specialized for the rehabilitation of children with vision, motoric and learning difficulties, the platform is designed to have:

  • Super admin role (client)
  • Admin role (organizations)
  • User role (optometrists, doctors, psychologists, occupational therapists, educators…) 

One case will refer to one child and all information about the patient’s condition, test results, improvements and progression will be collected in one place. 



Super admin

The super admin user is the person who looks after all WeNotes platform management. Some of the super admin user abilities are to: 

  • manage the access of all users of the platform
  • create new admins
  • create new organizations
  • create new templates  
  • manage permissions of all users and organizations

Also, the super admin can see the list of all admins with their personal information and can add new admins. 



By definition, the admin is a person that controls a specific network. In this case, Admin is a person who manages his organization (principal, owner, lead teacher, etc.).



Features that make admin different from super admin are:

  • possibility to add new users to the application
  • filling up and editing his account settings and personal info
  • decide about the viewing permission of the user
  • view and delete users.

What’s more, the admin can use the WeNotes platform only when the super admin creates his account in the system and sends them an invitation via e-mail. 



A user is a person who uses or operates something into action. The user will use the WeNotes platform and its functionalities the most. 

Inside this platform a user can:

  • add cases
  • add new templates
  • see information and reports for cases 
  • create notes
  • generate reports from the Notes module
  • edit generated reports
  • create, preview, print, download and send reports




Delivered solution

The main feature of the application is to summarize all data and conclusions per case on one platform. The app is divided into 6 main modules: Dashboard, Cases, Templates, Notes, Learning Efficiency and Eye module.

  1. The dashboard is the main module that shows all activities and cases that are updated in the system. On Dashboard, the user is presented with statistical data, cases, analytics, notifications and buttons for quick actions. This module will be different depending on the role of the user.
  2. The cases module shows all children/patients assigned to the admin and user, their personal data and all generated reports. 




      3. Templates is a module for creating templates for the Notes module.


      4. With the Notes module, users will create reports after examinations, consultations and various measurements.


      5. The Eye module generates a report that follows the rate of eye progression per selected period and shows a history of interventions and previous reports. 


      6. Learning Efficiency contains two kinds of reports, depending on the age of the case. One report is intended for children aged 5 and 6 and the other for those aged 7 – 11.


This software will simplify the everyday job of therapists and educators. It is scalable and can be easily upgraded, which is why it is one of the best platforms for the work of therapy institutions, as well as developmental and learning centres.

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