Scientific-expert meeting "Application of new technologies in wine production"

Biljana Gaća September 7, 2022

We had the opportunity to participate in the scientific and professional meeting "Application of new technologies in wine production".
As a partner of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technologies Osijek (FERIT) on the ESIA project - Expert system for intelligent agriculture, we presented the stage of development of the software platform for winemakers.
We presented to the present winemakers the development of the system so far with its functionalities and the neural network for which we need precisely the winemakers who we invite to contact us for free use of the system so that we can refine it exactly according to their needs.
Our goal is still to achieve digitization and automation of monitoring of wine processing and production through joint knowledge, experience and expertise.
Thank you to everyone for participating in the conference and we hereby invite interested winemakers to join us in the continuation of the project.
You can read more about the project at:
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