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Transformation of shopping experience

Sancta Domenica is one of the largest web stores in Croatia. Sancta Domenica is an authorized importer for top brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG, Croatia, and PlayStation for Croatian and Bosnian markets.


Cutting edge e-commerce technology solution

In the heart of brands/Targeted promotions

We have developed a webshop with maximum support for each brand. It offers thousands of the world's leading consumer electronics products. Additionally, through digital media, now they can keep in touch with their customers by providing up-to-date information on current trends in consumer electronics.

We've pimped up the shopping experience by including valuable and engaging product information and pronouncing the most relevant offers, discounts, and coupon options. Multimedia cards on a single product page provide final go to data in service of educated purchase.

Minimalism in the service of information

The moderation and minimalism of the design were vital to ensure user comfort in the high density of data on the site. We used an open sans font with an elegant touch of geometry while focusing on product storytelling.

Buyers attracted through information

Product pages include classic content: images, title, description, pricing and promotion information, a call to action, and special packages with the addition of multimedia and specification section.

Functional Omnichannel

The site and online store have delivered on their promise of providing a highly functional, easy-to-use shopping experience that offers continuous engagement and builds all brand identity.

Need for Speed

An additional goal was to open up space and draw attention to B2B marketing and business centralization capabilities in a single digital area. We created 50+ screens, including customizable promotional destinations, brand destinations, special offers, and an optimized and superfast cart process.


Sancta Domenica giant offers several leading brands such as Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, LG, and Play Station for the Croatian and Bosnian markets.

The project goal was to design and develop omnichannel with maximum support for each brand and to draw attention to B2B marketing.

The project scope included: Separate Samsung webshop, Flix media integration, custom delivery options, and pricing module, Exponea integration, Payment Gateways, Swogo integration, Complete Luceed ERP integration, customizable promotions, and advanced price policy, special offers in advanced CMS and more.

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