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Recupero: a new visual identity

Nikolina Hodak August 29, 2022

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Client profile

The company Recupero d.o.o. is a long-term partner of Gauss, that brings together a team of professional and creative individuals who provide reliable, business-oriented, and highly efficient services and solutions in the field of financial operations. Those operations are related to accounting, consulting and services in the field of EU funds. Since 2014, they provide services for the public and private sectors and have worked on the preparation and implementation of EU projects as well as other strategic planning projects. They provide their clients with stable growth and long-term solutions for progress and provide support while creating long-term partnerships and quality solutions for further business.

Project challenges and requirements 

Over time Recupero realized that they needed a new visual identity as well as a refresh of their website, so Gauss stepped in. The main challenge was summarizing all relevant information in one place, and the web redesign resulted in exactly that – a fresh design and easy readability of all information.



Delivered web solution

The new Recupero web was launched in April 2022 through our Gauss Box CMS platform, and in addition to numerous changes, the recognizable colors web, typography, slogan, and logo itself were changed.

How the process of changing the visual identity looked like and what we changed and modernized, read below.




When designing the entire redesign, the biggest challenge was how to summarize the information that the company features online and how to display it as clear as possible. By placing sections (defining clear units) within the web itself and by using soothing pastel colors, the desired effect of transparency and legibility was achieved.


Everything should be as straightforward as possible, but not featureless and plain.


Logo and colors

From achromatic gray, we based the visual identity of the website on safe colors that represent a kind of balance - primary blue and pastel green. Blue is a calming color associated with the sea and sky, and green is the color of money and the natural environment. The new logo incorporated the two mentioned colors into a shape that is reminiscent of a coin - the guiding thought in the creation of the new logo was in the form of money and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin).



Customization of visual

The client also emphasized was that the new identity should also applicable to different types of materials and surfaces. As Recupero uses a lot of printed material through its operations, it was ensured that the new visual is adaptable to all types of materials and media, but at the same time remains a recognizable tone. This is made possible by using the same typography (Work Sans) for all types of media and by using watermarks on forms and other company materials.






In addition to the above, the company's slogan was also defined: Recupero – dot on the E. When designing the slogan, it was noticed that the main characteristics and services of the company are based around the letter E; economy, expertise, energy..., while the dot as such represents the shape of the Recupero logo.


With the new visual identity and website layout, we were able to meet the client's expectations, and all changes were made within Gauss Box CMS. This was an interesting and challenging project, and we look forward to cooperation in the future!

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