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Project management and communication

Nikolina Hodak June 15, 2022



  • Role of the Project management
  • Types of communication in project management
  • Why project communication matters
  • What tools can help me communicate with my team



Role of the Project management

To understand the role of project management, you should first realize its concept.


According to PMI, project management is the use of specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to deliver something of value to people. The development of software for an improved business process, the construction of a building, the relief effort after a natural disaster, and the expansion of sales into a new geographic market—are all examples of projects.


We can define the role of project management. Its role is to fully manage your employees’ activities and their collaboration with clients and partners to ensure that your business processes are executed properly at all times.


By implementing project management software, you can divide your business processes into tasks assigned to employees and organize them into a project. Also, it allows you to keep all the data relevant to the project in one place. Now let’s talk about communication within project management.



Types of communication in project management

Types of communication from the project’s perspective can be divided into two categories - internal and external communication. 





Internal communication refers to the exchange of information between individuals who are assigned to the project and currently working on one – a team leader and the team members. It could be anything, from the internal discussion, sharing information, delegating tasks, etc. 





On the other hand, external communication is an exchange of information between project team members and stakeholders who aren’t directly working on project planning. For instance, it could involve the CEO, executive team members, the press, or customers. 


The good news is that the Gauss Box Projects can help you improve both types of communication!




Why project communication matters

It can’t be stressed enough how crucial communication is in project planning.


Given it is a complex process, project managers spend much of their time communicating with their teams to ensure proper project flow. Also, teams often consist of various professionals with different ranges of skills and backgrounds, so quality communication is key to successful project planning.


Without effective communication deadlines and set goals might likely be missed, efforts could be duplicated by every team member, resources might be lacking and the project can prolong longer than expected.


To avoid all this, remember that only effective communication can lead to successful projects.




What tools can help me communicate with my team


Gauss Box offers you three main ways of communication:

  • Chat
  • E-mail 
  • Streaming.


Throughout this chapter, we’ll explain each module and its functionality. 




Accelerate communication with your employees, clients, and co-workers. 


The Chat module can be used for communication between employees or with clients. It speeds up communication altogether. It also supports multiple channels, and file and document sharing within a certain project. The great thing is that this module complements the already strong collaborative functionalities of other platform modules.


What’s in it for you? Direct communication via an internal chat application reduces focus loss due to the use of multiple different external applications. Most importantly, all your business information remains under your control. Team members can also see the statuses of their colleagues or clients.


Here are some main features Chat offers you:

  • one-on-one correspondence
  • file sharing
  • unlimited number of chat channels
  • unlimited numbers of participants
  • possibility of creating chat tasks
  • connecting the chat to the website.


To conclude, chat is an extension of your digital office that ensures you have complete control over your entire workflow.








Fully integrated e-mail – send or receive e-mails without leaving the user interface. 


As it is already known, e-mails are a classic form of office communication. This module allows you to quickly and easily integrate your e-mail inbox.


You have the possibility of adding files or documents, adding a signature, and turning incoming e-mails into leads or tasks to take full advantage of the advanced features of this module. Easily integrate or synchronize your e-mail account with the Gauss Box platform.


There are many available features within this module:

  • merged e-mail account 
  • receiving and sending e-mails from the Gauss Box 
  • converting e-mails into leads, tasks, documents, and more 
  • support for multiple e-mail accounts 
  • possibility of sending documents from the system
  • replacing external applications with fully integrated e-mail 
  • single interface for all e-mail communication 
  • possibility of creating leads and tasks from e-mail.







Transfer almost all communication to a virtual environment. 


Simply put, the Streaming module lets you organize virtual calls, meetings, and presentations. It allows you to organize audio and video calls between two or more people. You can attend the presentation and share documents in real-time regardless of the physical distance between you and your clients, partners, and other associates.


Each conference call is complemented by a chat between the participants. All participants can also share a virtual board and can write on it at the same time, which gives the feeling that they are in the same room. Document sharing supports multiple formats such as PDF, PPT, and others. The great thing about Streaming is that it also helps you reduce the cost of business travel with online meetings by inviting clients, associates, and business partners to conference calls.


It enables you the following features:

  • audio and video calls
  • chat during a call
  • virtual board
  • online presentations
  • file-sharing between participants in a call 
  • surveys among participants.






Why Gauss Box?

As you may know, there are many tools out there that might substitute some of our modules. But not many of them are offering you all the modules needed to manage all your business processes in one single platform. Once you enter Gauss Box you won’t need any other tool anymore. 


After all, isn’t that the whole point?




On our website, you can read all about Gauss Box Projects and its many features we haven’t mentioned in this blog. Feel free to contact us anytime!


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