We focus on turning creative ideas into a tangible business reality through

Gauss growth and development while fostering progress and innovation.

about us

We are an award-winning company for long-term partnerships.

We provide high-quality development and consulting solutions that enable the implementation of the latest technologies in the business of our clients.


Turn creative ideas into measurable business values.

Our projects

gauss boX

Think outside

the box?

Gauss Box is a unique cloud platform designed to manage all business processes. It enables efficient management of daily business operations, as well as strategic planning through work processes and clear analytics.

The Gauss Box consists of individual modules that together represent a complete business solution. The modules can be used separately or together, and in combination give maximum effect.

Gauss as a partner

We are committed to a sincere and reliable business relationship based on mutual trust and respect.

We strive to achieve the goals of all those involved in the partnership.

We have a solution!

As we provide our clients with support, advice, and joint planning, we expect the same from our partners with the added value of a business and human trust.

Some of our clients and partners

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What do clients and partners say about us?

They are friendly and helpful but are also rigorous to performance and delivery, whether our or Gauss personnel.

Frederic Stickel, Sr Project Consultant, Celero Cloud GmbH

A friendly approach with high professional standards results in the client accepting the Gauss team as their own.

Founder, Social Innovations Inc.

Gauss team had no problem fitting in our management style and communicating with our team employees.

Vinko Staković, Site Manager, Ericsson Nikola Tesla

Very professional approach to the development process. They took our inputs and considered them very carefully and the end results were exactly what we needed.

Mario Romulic- Romulic & Stojcic Multimedia Studio

The team was easy to work with and communicate with. And the ease of finding appropriate solutions.

Filip Mirkovic, Executive Manager, Inter-trade d.o.o.

Gauss backed us up with both business knowledge and not only software development. What Brocando got delivered from Gauss was not only software solution but process optimisation as well.

Sascha Teodorovic, CEO of a Health Insurance Platform

We've been extremely pleased with the work that Gauss has done for us. They are effectively part of our team, working diligently and professionally to build a great product that responds to the needs of our customers. They communicate well and have a highly skilled team and are, therefore, able to respond to our product needs.

Andrew Collins, Project Manager, EduKit UK

We have been working with Gauss for a long time. With their flexibility, we were able to extend our team with their developers. There was no difference between developers, they worked closely together as a team. Gauss has a skilled, experienced, and reliable team you can lean on.

Elia Palme, CTO/Co-Founder, Niuws

Working with Gauss has been a very positive experience so far. They are our trusted and reliable partner for past and future projects.

Roger Lüchinger, CEO, Smartfactory GmbH

We have been working closely together with Gauss for the last 2.5 years. Their team has helped us develop new websites and features for currently six different websites. Gauss had given us the possibility to tap directly into their pool of very skilled developers. We strongly recommend this company for a development partner.

Niels Alsted, Webmaster, Teledyne RESON

It is so easy to approach them with our requests and comments, which they never take personally.

Luka Mlinarić, IT Specialist, CARNET

Their ability to successfully meet our requests and deliver was impressive.

Saša Batinac, Sales Director, TSP d.o.o.

Their project management style is great, quick, and proactive.

Mislav Mihalj, Sales Manager, Hemco d.o.o.
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