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Ivan Lozančić


Gauss started out as an agency with a few enthusiasts.

Today, Gauss is a business development company. Our vision is technology in the service of solving business, but also solutions of public interest. We rely on and promote partnership and long-term work and enable the implementation of the latest technologies in the business of our clients.

Gauss is therefore really more than just technology.

Hrvoje Lozančić


A programmer from a young age, Hrvoje translates his passion for coding into work and a lifelong hobby. He loves challenging projects, looks forward to new knowledge, continuously stands for his progress, the progress of colleagues and the whole company in terms of technology. As he often says, to create something out of nothing is the greatest beauty of the work he does.

I spent my entire formal working life in Gauss. To me, Gauss is more than a firm, a business, and a source of finance. Gauss is a family and a second home, people I like to meet every day, work with and build with them (and play boardgame :)). The sense of stability, security, understanding and support I receive motivate me to invest my whole self day by day and thus erase the boundary between work and hobbies, colleagues and friends.

Tomislav Strugačevac

Product Manager

Before Gauss, as a graduate economist, he gained 10 years of experience in the commercial sector at one of the leading construction companies in the country. He actively cooperated in the optimization of business processes and the adaptation of ERP solutions in the direction of better planning, monitoring and cost optimization.

I see Gauss as an interdisciplinary community of professionals who, through teamwork and joint efforts, have the opportunity to actively influence and shape the ways of doing business in a modern environment. The solutions we work on are very demanding business systems used by leading people in the market. I am glad to be able to work with colleagues on different knowledge where together we can look at things from different angles. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a solution whose benefits, I am sure, will resonate globally. The sense of togetherness, friendship and understanding that has always been a feature of Gauss means a lot to me.

Branka Janjić

Office Manager

Prior to working in IT, as a Master of Laws, she worked at the County Court and thought she would fulfil her work at the court. However, working in the real sector, she learned that one side does not always have to be right and that her opinion is valued as well as the opinion of her colleagues, and that together they can contribute to their own development and progress.

Working at Gauss is a challenge and a privilege for me. In working with people and especially in such a successful company, I get a fresh perspective every day and the opportunity to research corporate law and thus help in the implementation of both national and international projects. I am especially happy to work with colleagues who are always ready to help and bosses who are always full of understanding.

Kristina Orešković

Head of QA Department

Since she has replaced a secure state job in finance as a master of economics with a career in IT, not a single day has been the same for her, and she finds new challenges and a desire for growth and progress in that. With no previous experience in IT, she had started as a Quality assurance and with continuous learning through the time became a project manager, while also leading a QA team at the same time. Before anything else, she thanks her success to the great team that surrounds her and with whom nothing is impossible.

My entry into the Gauss family showed me that progressing within the community is nothing out of the ordinary; moreover, the environment encourages us to be better and more successful. I love my job, I love what I do, and the dynamic atmosphere in which we constantly share knowledge, learn from each other and adopt new knowledge make each working day different from the previous ones.

Ana Svalina


She joined the Gauss team during her final year of study. Her experience at Gauss includes working on projects within different industries and therefore points out that each new project is a challenge in itself. What attracted her to design was the interdisciplinarity of the field and the intertwining of many fields within the design. He believes that there are always challenges in design through which skills are strengthened and knowledge is increased.

At Gauss, I participate in projects from their inception to implementation, which includes working directly with clients and working within different teams. Each new project brings a new experience and with each, I develop my skills. The work atmosphere at Gauss is positive and motivating, and colleagues are always ready to help.

Stanko Horvat


He started working in IT 8 years ago, first as a freelancer for creating web applications, and when he came to Gauss, he started working on Android applications. In his soul, the old scout, as a scout, is engaged in teamwork and the education of adult leaders.

If there was no Gauss, he would have to be invented. In Gauss, one really gets used to the sibling atmosphere.

Ivan Barišić


Ivan has a master's degree in computer engineering and is employed at Gauss immediately after his studies. He grows and develops in his professional role together with colleagues and the team he leads today.

I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and learn from those who recognized my will, desire and motivation at Gauss. Gauss is more than technology to me, it is my second home and my family, friends and colleagues know it. By sharing knowledge and skills and respecting the diversity of employee characteristics, we are competent to create good for individuals, groups and communities in the society in which we live and I try to pass this philosophy to new generations, working with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek.

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