Gauss Ltd is the fastest growing technology company in Croatia

Gauss October 24, 2016


The scale for 2016 was made on the basis of an analysis of revenues generated in the period from 2012 to 2015.


Six companies from Croatia were placed on this year's Deloitte list of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in Central Europe: Gauss, Rimac cars, Axilis, Telum, Hangar 18 and Serengeti. As in previous years, most of the placed companies from Croatia are engaged in software, one in pure technology (Rimac cars), and one in digital marketing (Telum).


Croatian companies are mostly in the middle of the list of the fastest-growing technology companies, and the best-ranked company is Gauss in 19th place, followed by Rimac cars in 20th, Axilis in 22nd, Telum in 23rd, Hangar 18 in 28th and Serengeti in 39th. place. Last year, Serengeti was placed on Deloitte's list in the "50 fastest growing" category, which was achieved by only seven companies in this year's competition, while Axilis as a young company was placed on the list in the "Rising Stars" category last year. Other companies were placed on the list for the first time this year.


Changes among Central Europe's fastest-growing companies are more dynamic than ever, and average revenue growth rates have almost doubled compared to two years earlier," said Zlatko Bazianec, a partner in Deloitte's business consulting division. in the Deloitte report on the fifty fastest growing technology companies in Central Europe in 2016, in which companies are ranked according to the highest revenue growth rate in the period from 2012 to 2015, are occupied by companies that first found themselves on the scale, of which 43, which indicates a dynamic flourishing of business entities from the technology sector.


All five leaders in the rankings this year for the first time found themselves among the 50 fastest growing. The first place in 2016 was won by Codewise, a Polish company specializing in solutions in the field of Internet marketing and business software, which with its stunning three-year revenue growth of 13,052 percent clearly exceeds its still impressive growth of 4,555 percent recorded in 2015, in which she received the "Rising Star" award. This year, Codewise is also one of the winners of the "Biggest" award, which is not surprising given its exceptional result compared to twelve months earlier when the company was still too young to enter the report at all.


In any other observed year, the second-ranked software company CodiLime, also from Poland, would dominate in terms of its revenue, which grew by 5,038 percent over the observed three-year period. Interestingly, CodiLime was second in the rising star category last year as well. The third place on the list of the fifty fastest-growing was won by the Czech IT services company Dataspring, thanks to a three-year revenue growth rate of 3,129 percent. Slovak software company JUMP took fourth place (revenue growth of 1,965%), while another software company, NSoft (fifth by 1,760%), came in fifth place, the only one in this year's ranking from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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