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Gauss April 18, 2021


We are pleased and proud to announce that Gauss has successfully established itself as a Pangea partner. We are honored to be part of an elite community of 7% of the best software engineers, which will make us even more transparent and accessible to our current and future partners through the Pangea profile.


Becoming a member of an elite software development community

We thought about how to improve our organizational structure further and highlight all the advantages so that our current and future clients have a better insight into the work of Gauss. Having undergone an independent verification process at Pangea, we believe we have met most of our expectations and confirm this now with our verified Pangea profile.


The process of approaching Pangea further motivated us to edit the organizational structure and topics such as business strategy, culture, technology, employment, human resources, project metrics, etc.


In the second part of the process, we gained additional insight into our employees’ satisfaction and opportunities for progress. Furthermore, we wanted to check our clients’ experience, so 7 of our clients contributed their insights and assessments of cooperation. Also, we have documented almost all the critical internal processes available on our Pangea profile to any future Gaussian partner.


We have given a lot of thought to areas of improvement through this very detailed and rigorous verification process. We discovered some weak points and identified strengths we were unaware of before starting our verification process.


The benefit of passing the vetting process is, in addition to the fact that we now belong to the elite community, the fact that we dealt with topics that we could not prioritize due to daily commitments and customer orientation. These are topics that have greatly improved our internal efficiency and compliance.


Gauss is proud to be a community member of the elite community at Pangea.


Crucial findings

We found the most interesting the team health metrics as it was the sentiment shared by our team members. Our average team health score is 8.3/10.0, where our highest scores were 8.6/10.0 for well–being, culture, and advocacy. Our values are proactiveness, integrity, a positive attitude, confidence, and cooperation, so we are satisfied with scores of 8.5/10.0 for personal growth and 8.4/10.0 for peer rapport. As a company that wants to be the best place to work in Croatia, we were thrilled to see that our team is satisfied at Gauss and that the coworkers’ bond and rapport are strong. However, we also noticed that there is room for improvement in recognition, satisfaction and feedback.


On that note, we will focus on improving access to personal development, more education for employees, mentorship opportunities, the frequency of 1-on-1, the way we recognize great work, and more. The IT sector is very dynamic with high employee turnover. But in Gauss’s internal indicators, the average employee tenure is 3.93 years, which is suitable for the IT sector. Nataša Šalamun, Human Resource Manager at Gauss, firmly believes that this average will grow continuously.

„The atmosphere and interpersonal relations in Gauss are at an extremely high level. There are just a few companies with such a “team vibe,” and we are incredibly proud of that. The company has many employees in the company for more than 5 or 6 years, and they are an accurate role model for younger employees. I often say that we have a multitude of opportunities in such a stimulating environment. 2021 will be a year of significant investment in human resources (in the selection, education and development, performance monitoring, and adequate remuneration), and the goal is to increase employee satisfaction. We want to show employees how much they contribute and reward them adequately. Also, the goal is to strengthen employer branding to attract the best possible employees who will fit well into the existing team.“ 

– Nataša Šalamun, Human Resource Manager at Gauss.

We were very interested in what our clients thought about us and our work. From the insights of the clients shown on our Pangea profile, our clients’ rating is 9.9/10.00. This score is solid proof that the effort and dedication we deliver to clients have paid off.

Over the last two years, we have focused on supporting and advising our clients to solve their daily business difficulties as technologically as possible and establish the most vital potential partnerships.

“I have collaborated with Gauss on two of my projects and must say that they are extremely agile and flexible company with high technical and business know-how alike. I have recommended Gauss multiple times to my business partners.”

– Sascha Teodorovich, CEO at SME.


Gauss team work


Constant and dedicated improvement


Being part of the elite 7% of suppliers motivates us to continue investing in employee development, technology, and processes to provide the best services to our customers and develop even more strong teams.


We believe that our progress will be continuously documented on our Pangea profile, which we hope will help us in the company’s growth and success. Success for us means attracting the best talent, working with clients who fit our business culture based on trust and quality, and helping clients achieve their production and business goals.


Overall, the goal will be to refine processes and systems to foster a great work culture that leads to happy customers.

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