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The goal of the development of e-commerce for FC Osijek was to expand marketing goals, primarily to popularize the club and increase revenue.
During the development of the webshop, the recognizable style and design of the existing website was followed, and personalized and individualized communication was continued.

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The aim of the webshop was to draw the attention of fans, but also all other users / customers to the products themselves and encourage them to support the local club in various forms - in the form of sports and fashion accessories, souvenirs, school supplies and more.

Users are provided with a quick and easy search through a search engine or a more detailed overview by categories and subcategories in which the products are classified.



The most important feature of the webshop is the display of the possibility of personalizing the product, specifically the jerseys. For all those who want a personalized jersey for themselves or as a gift, by choosing personalization, there is a possibility to choose the text and number that will be printed on the back of the jersey.

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