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Body care as a way of life

One of the leading suppliers of selective and preparative cosmetics for skin and hair care and toothpaste. They have enriched the market with world-renowned brands that through their power return power and strength back into the hands of our consumers.

Our task was to show the benefits that Delmerion has into e-commerce.


E-commerce - Gauss Box module

Through our Gauss Box - E-commerce module, we have developed a range of functionalities and customizations for the needs of a sophisticated client such as Delmerion. Through the design, we sought to show the client’s focus on beauty, natural ingredients and exclusive cosmetics.

In this module, the web store administrator can process incoming orders from the web store, configure payment methods, delivery methods, modify the product catalog and manage sales tools. Special emphasis is placed on online store sales promotion tools, such as discounts and promotions, cross-sell, upsell, related products, and coupons.

We have developed a modular and customizable platform with:

  • configurable products

  • layer navigation

  • coupon codes

  • loyalty program

  • product reviews and ratings

  • bundle products

  • wishlist

  • quizzes

  • banners with promotions and discounts

  • gif and video sections

  • animations

  • sticky footer

  • Instagram section

  • newsletter subscription

and many other conveniences, functionalities, and aesthetic tricks to highlight the product.


Possibilities of use:

  • Offer your products and services on the web

  • Enable online card payments

  • Enable payment via PayPal account

  • Offer free shipping above a certain amount

  • Generate discount coupons for your customers

  • Connect the Marketing module to the Loyalty Program

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