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Digitalization is key to business modernization as it enables organizations to transform their traditional processes and models into digital forms using information technology (IT) to increase flexibility, reduce costs and improve efficiency. The digitalization of companies has become increasingly important in recent years, as technology continues to influence the way we do business.

Nikolina Hodak February 15, 2023

Those 33 reviews on our profile are just glimpses of what we can do for you! Work with us and see for yourself why we’re an industry leader. Connect with Gauss Development today!

Clutch March 15, 2022

We are proud to announce that Clutch has included us in the Clutch 1000, a list of the 1000 best companies on their platform!

Gauss December 6, 2021

Proper typography when creating a website is key to successful communication and information transfer.

Dario Perkunić August 13, 2021
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Quasar framework

The biggest advantage of the framework is the possibility of developing applications for various platforms. The main motto is "write code once and deploy it as you need".

Marijo Kiš August 13, 2021

Let’s start by having an app that is fully functional on Android 10 and earlier versions.

Stanko Horvat August 13, 2021

Design thinking puts the user first, it is a part of user-oriented systems and it is focused on detecting problems and solving them in an innovative way with the aim of improving people's experience.

Ana Svalina August 13, 2021

Tailwind forever changed my mind about writing CSS and made front-end life easier.

Matej Rončević August 10, 2021
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