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One of the departments we could not imagine Gauss without is surely the design department. Our company’s creatives, as they are often called, participate in almost all project phases. From the very beginnings, through outlining concepts (be it web pages, webshops, web or mobile apps) to shaping user experience and visual design. Their value in creating the entire employer branding, both internal and external, is unquestionable.

Nataša Šalamun April 26, 2022
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Human resources

Women on the IT scene

For a long time, the IT was considered to be a dominantly male industry while women working in the IT were considered more of an exception that prove the rule. However, in the past several years that situation has been changing and the number of women in the IT has been increasing, beating stereotypes along the way and achieving business success.

Nataša Šalamun March 8, 2022

Virtual reality is one of the most popular technologies these days, and interest in it surely and continuously grows with time. Following that, our newly founded VR team has done some truly fascinating things and has been showing some excellent results every single day.

Nataša Šalamun January 18, 2022

According to scientists, the different events and situations that a generation encounters will greatly affect the behavior of individuals in a way that will result in similar patterns of behavior, political attitudes, and/or habits that this generation will ‘collectively’ possess. Of course, each generation has great differences within itself, but still, some collective preferences can be distinguished.

Nataša Šalamun August 26, 2021

Differences between generations can create many problems such as mistrust among employees, high turnover rates, etc. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the values and requirements of millennials to maximize their full potential.

Nataša Šalamun August 24, 2021

Some of the most important reasons why it is necessary to invest resources in employer branding are employee satisfaction in organizations with a better market reputation, lower turnover rates, better orientation to the so-called millennial employees, easier talent management.

Nataša Šalamun August 24, 2021
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